What am I focused on currently in life?

Hi — I'm Dan!

I work as a Staff Software Engineer at IBM in Tucson, Arizona and have a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech. I am an Instructional Associate for Machine Learning (CS 7641).

I'm an avid tinkerer in my free time and generally consider myself someone who learns things for the sake of learning. 📚

My current interests lie in rudimentary emulation of classic handheld consoles (like the OG Game Boy), modern cryptography (my day job), and building novel social platforms. In all those areas, I've been applying a lot of Rust to make things wickedly fast. Besides that, I love doing photography, learning piano, and am raising a beautiful son as of November 4th, 2020. 👶

Feel free to shoot me an email. If you're a recruiter, I will likely ignore you; however, inquisitive minds are always welcome. ✌